Toraiz is a Japanese term that stands for “twisted”, when something is twisted.

Twisted, in this case, is when something is not quite what it seems. Toraiz was a video game for the Xbox, and it required that you wear a mask to play on its online service. I can’t help but think the developers really wanted to make this game look cool, so they decided to implement a mask.

Although the game itself isn’t that interesting, the mask is. The mask is a suit that the protagonist wears when he is able to control Toraiz. The mask has a mask-like face, and is adorned with the symbol of Toraiz’s cult. It also has a couple of different forms worn by the protagonist when he is wearing the mask. All of these elements combine to create a very cool looking mask.

The mask is one of the game’s game modes, and by far the most interesting. You control Toraiz as you walk through the world by performing various actions. You can use your mask to control your character, or even use it to control objects. This mask is really cool because it allows you to control your character while still having the ability to perform many of the same actions you would normally do.

The mask is also the only thing preventing Toraiz from taking on all of the Visionaries in one night. The mask is a very important part of the game because it is used to change the way you use the powers. You can use your mask as a sword, a bow, a shield, or even a gun. Toraiz’s powers are all tied to his mask, so he can’t use them without it.

If you want Toraiz to learn the new power of the mask you can use your own mask. You can take this ability and use it to alter your character’s behavior. If you wanted to do the same thing for a while, you could simply change the mask and use it until you finally had something to learn. It’s quite simple, a new mask is just a mask in the hands of a new person who has learned the new power of the mask.

Toraiz isn’t just a trick to make him run faster, or a powerful weapon. He can even shoot, and this is a very powerful weapon, so he has a lot of choice in what he can do. He can also control the environment by his actions, and for that he gives his mask a little bit of magic. This ability helps him control the environment by creating a new world where the people within it are completely unaware of his powers.

Toraiz is a big character in the story and is very much a part of the gameplay mechanics. He has a lot of characters and missions and the main character is a huge star of a movie. If you’re like me, you’ve got to have the imagination. In the demo, he’s a character who uses the power of the mask to make himself appear to be the boss of the party.

The other key to this is that his mask can transform him into a different shape, and the power to change shapes comes with an incredible amount of freedom. So it’s a little like getting an old toy that you can play with and have some kind of random power come out of it.

The mask is one of those things that lets you have the power to do anything that you want. And with the ability to shape-shift, its a little like having the power to create your own robot or make your own armor. It takes a little getting used to, but I think it’s a lot of fun. I have mixed feelings though.

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