I have always been a huge fan of the classic “One Day At A Time” book by John Grisham. The book centers around the three-day-a-week habit of one person that will be the focus of all three of these posts. This week a new writer has joined the ranks of Grisham’s book, including a new title, One Day at a Time for Dummies.

The book itself is a great little read. It’s easy to read and has a great little story that you can picture yourself doing if you haven’t done so already. And not just with the three-day-a-week habit of one person that it covers, but that you can also do in one day if you don’t have a schedule.

As you may know, I was recently diagnosed with a medical condition that affected my thyroid. Because I don’t have a thyroid, my thyroid hormone levels have fluctuated. The effect of the fluctuation is that I’m not always in a good mood and I can often gain weight easily. It also affects my ability to write for a long period of time. Now, I have to be careful that I don’t let it affect my writing.

I am currently trying to come up with a schedule to help my thyroid. If I dont have a schedule, I can still write a lot (although I don’t believe I would be able to write for a long period of time if I didnt have a schedule). The best thing I can do right now to help with my thyroid is to sleep at the same time every day. Also, when I feel like I need to sleep, I need to go to bed early.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a birthday party for the kids. I was worried that it would be too early for us to have a party, so we decided to make our own birthday party. I think on this day we decided to do it.

We decided to celebrate a birthday party. While our actual birthday was just three days ago, we wanted to celebrate a party for our son, who has a birthday every year, as well as our daughter, who turns three in April. I was feeling a bit cranky and was thinking of going to bed late but I didn’t want to be rude or make anyone uncomfortable. I called my sister and asked if we could have a party at our house.

It took a while for us to decide on an actual plan (which is totally understandable) but after a bit of deliberation, we decided to have a birthday party for our son. The idea was that his parents and our extended family would come over and that we would play games and enjoy a party for our family. We wanted to do this to keep in mind that we werent doing this just for fun, but also because we were going to make it a party we would come back to.

The party itself was going to be small, less than 2 hours long, and we wanted it to be as lighthearted and family-friendly as possible. However, once we discussed how many people would actually be there, it seemed to make sense to also have a birthday cake. Of course, we would leave the cake to the last minute to ensure a good party experience.

We would have a cake, but only because we have never been fond of the white cake/white frosting combination. This is why you should always have a great cake, and we wanted something that would be more fun than a plain one. As such, we chose to also have a small birthday cake.

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