I like to think that the lighting play in our environment is as important as our thoughts. We like to think that our world is all white and all of us are always in a perfect “zone”. But this isn’t true. The only thing we do is react and react to what we see. And our world is ever changing, constantly changing our light.

So the lighting of a room can actually change the mood or content of your room depending on when you look at it. When you look at a light that is at the same time in the afternoon and in the afternoon, you can get the impression that the room has been painted a certain way, and you might even be in a room of different people. When you look at a light at night, you may be in a room with a different mood.

I find this intriguing, but I’ve always had a difficult time seeing the lighting effects in my own room. It’s not that I can’t see the effect, I just don’t feel like I can appreciate it. I imagine most of us would have a tough time trying to put ourselves in the mindset of a character who has to interact with light. It’s like we’re trying to do something we’re not really wired for, so we can’t.

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