This subwoofer is amazing, I have not been able to use mine in a long time. It is so easy to connect and the sound is so clear and quiet, I love it. I have a few questions I would like to ask in regards to this beast though.

The first is the name. I’m not sure my ears have been able to pick up on the fact that this thing is called the “Ks118,” but I’m guessing it’s some kind of reference to the K-S-118. I’m not sure what the K stands for, but it’s definitely not a K-S.

The K is the letter K, the S stands for the sound, the 118 is a reference to the number of Ks, which is 118. A K-S-118 reference could be a way of saying K-S-118 was a special sub that was used by certain K-S-118 engineers to achieve a super-high frequency sound. Or its a reference to the K-S-118 that is the name of its engine.

Ok, maybe it’s just a subwoofer, but it’s still a super-high frequency. The main thing is that it is sub-woofer.

I think this is actually a good thing, since it gets the sound up and down. K-S-118 has a fairly wide frequency range from 20 to 40 kHz. A 20 kHz sub has a frequency of 20 kHz. A 40 kHz sub has a frequency of 40 kHz. You can use a 100 kHz sub in this case to make a sub-bass.

Its a pretty common feature nowadays, especially in the hi-fi industry. A subwoofer can have a frequency of 30-100 kHz, which can sound pretty high. K-S-118 uses a frequency of 60 kHz, which is a bit lower than the 30 kHz sub. So, if you were to plug a 100 kHz K-S-118 into this sub, it could make a pretty nice sub bass.

I haven’t used this myself, but I imagine the frequency range is pretty wide. It’s designed for use with an audio amplifier, though, so you’ll probably want to use some type of external amplifier to drive it, or you may want to use an external sub-woofer to drive it instead.

What I’ve noticed in the trailers is that the sub is much more power-efficient than the original K-S-118. Instead of using a sub, I’ve used my own sub-woofer and I don’t really see why it’s not as power-efficient as the K-S-118 (yet).

The K-S-118 has a higher frequency curve than the sub, so you can use less of the sub’s power to drive it, thereby saving power. In the new trailer, there are some differences in the efficiency of each system, but the new K-S-118 has a lower efficiency than the original K-S-118.

It seems ks118 will be a low-power sub with an efficiency of 45%. I think that is a little low, but more power-efficient than the original sub. It will be available in the upcoming game as a “Super-Low-Power” sub.

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