When I first heard about these little slip mats I was blown away! I’ve always been a fan of having a place to hide my phone or keys, and these slip mats are such an awesome way to do that.

The slip mat idea is simple: You slip one into your pocket, and everytime you step on it it springs to life and unlocks a new spot under your shoes. You can also use your favorite app to take a photo of it, making a customized slip mat that you can slide into your pocket to instantly hide your keys, phone, or other valuables. It’s pretty ingenious.

The idea might not be as cool if the slip mat was something that looked like a normal shoe. But since it’s a slip mat, it can be a lot more user friendly. For example, you can always slide your iPhone into the top of the slip mat, then use the included app to unlock it. If, however, your slip mat is a normal shoe, you can’t make any assumptions about where you’re going to step on it, or where it’ll be underneath your shoe.

One of the great things about the slip mat is that it’s designed to be a bit tougher than regular shoes, so it can hold up to a lot more abuse. For example, say your iPhone got stuck somewhere on a sidewalk, the slip mat can hold up to a lot more abuse. A broken glass could fall on it, or a metal object could pierce it.

And because it’s designed to be tougher, it can hold up to more abuse. The new app that comes with dj slip mats also comes with a new feature, a “tripwire”. This is a small device that you wear around the waist that, when you put it on, detects the direction of where you are going to step and stops your fall.

The tripwire is a great way to make your iPhone safer. I know I am, for once, going to be out and about with my phone without being hit by a car.

For those of us who are into skateboarding, this is a really cool feature. It will make it easier to skate in a more controlled and safer way. And if you’re into the whole “skater style” thing, this could be a very cool way to get your phone out of your pocket and turn it into a skateboard-holding device.

Now, this is cool, but the fact is that I almost never use my phone while in a car. It’s probably one of the reasons I’m not a pro skateboarder. But this thing is actually a really cool way to use your phone while in a car. And it’s also a good way to grab something to eat or use in a pinch. I haven’t found a way to use it in a pinch yet, so maybe you want to try it out sometime.

I wouldnt be surprised if this was the original purpose of this little contraption. I mean, it may not be the perfect solution to your problem, but it sure is awesome.

Is this a good idea? I think it might be. It may be that this is a totally different kind of problem, but I think it can do the trick.

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