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pioneer xdj rx

This is a great idea. This is a great article that makes me think about all the stuff that I don’t realize I’ve done. If I look at what I’ve done it all seems like a lot of things. I’ve not done anything that I should have done, done things I didn’t need done. I’ve...


serato dvs

serato dvs is an open-source, web-based digital audio player with a rich set of features and an easy interface. It’s like a new version of iTunes or Spotify, but with a better interface. It’s not as sleek and polished or as feature-filled as the other apps on our list, but it’s got a little more...


wireless dmx

This wireless dmx is great for people who don’t have a dmx receiver but still want to be able to send and receive wireless messages. The wireless dmx is an easy way to make your music play wirelessly without going the expense of a D-Compatible receiver, because you can just use a regular wireless D-Compatible...


totem truss

Totem trusses are made from wood strips, usually in the shape of the letter A, that you attach to the sides of a structure to make it more stable. They are used on poles, trees, and other things. Totem trusses are a good example of a “self-sustaining” design pattern. By adding a few trusses to...


uplight covers

We’re all in the same boat, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to be. We can cover everything. We can use a lot of tools, and we can cover a lot of the things we need to cover. And that’s something we feel like we have to cover. We can cover everything that we...


dj headset

I have been using a headset during my day job for some time now, and I am ready to dive into the headset to try out it. I have heard tons of stories about the headset, so I figured it was time to pick out the one that is exactly what I want to get...