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etx 18sp

The 18sp is a new edition of our Etrex brand that introduces an expanded range of colors and textures to our classic style. The 18sp is perfect for homeowners who want more color options. The 18sp is the perfect base for any home decor project because its color palette is a combination of pastel shades,...


dji ronin-s essentials kit

This recipe is about a dozen years old but I think it is a great time to take my old kitchen tools and make them into a DIY kit. If you are new to DIY, you might want to check out IKEA’s DIY Kit for the DIY World list, especially its DIY Mom’s Kit. A...


speaker accessories

I recently got a new speaker this year and even I was a little unsure of what to do with it, so I went to my favorite audio store and bought a few speaker accessories. The first one I thought of was a speaker stand. I have a lot of speakers and I don’t want...


pioneer cdj 350

Pioneer DJ 350 has a huge kick. When it’s time to put it to the test, the result is an intense sound that comes across as a little bit punk. The kick is a combination of analog and digital modulation, which is a signature sound of Pioneer. The Pioneer DJ 350 has all the features...


dj light stand

I recently got into designing and building furniture from scratch. I designed and built a dj light stand and it was a great learning experience. I think it will be easy to build a similar design for my next furniture project. I haven’t tried building one yet, but I have wanted to for a long...


rave lasers

A rave is a rave! But a rave lasers can be fun in the same way that, say, a video game or a movie is fun. The problem is most of the time, a rave is one big party and the lasers are just a distraction. But for a newbie, the lasers make things a...


mic accessories

I am a big fan of the mic line of products from B&H Photo. I have used it on my camera for years and I love it. I have seen other reviewers state that it is no longer the best brand to use, but I decided to give it another try. I used the lens...


turntables accessories

As I’ve mentioned before, my favorite turntable comes from the 1960’s and it is the one from Vogue. The Vogue is a classic turntable that has a beautiful design. It has a rotary dial and is very easy to use. The Vogue has a built-in amplifier that helps boost the sound, and it’s built-in foot...

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