Audio Technica LP1240 is a 12-inch LCD monitor that is perfect for home theater. I’ve always been a big fan of the built-in speakers that they come with, and I think this is a great choice for those of us who want a large flat screen TV with decent audio. They’re not quite as loud as some of the LCD TVs I’ve had, but the speakers are very solid and will certainly never break the bank.

The price of this unit is $299.99; if you want to go more upscale, it costs $349.99.

We went one step further and purchased an HDMI cable that hooks up to our TV for the additional audio in our home theater. At 349.

When you look at the above video, the only thing that can cause a problem is when your screen gets too big. If you’re using a standard TV, you can’t fit it into the screen. For that you’ll have to resort to a small bit of space.

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